Replica of Sultan Qaitbay candlestick




Location: – (Original available in Islamic museum in Cairo)

Brass candlestick carries the name of Sultan Qaitbay , the menorah is divided into the neck and the cylindrical body.

The neck is also decorated cylindrical sections in the upper and lower by straps from plant forms look like palm trees.

It contains the central part of the neck band holds titles of Sultan Qaitbay ; on the floor of the plant forms.

The lower part of the neck and is surrounded by a cylindrical straps from vegetable carvings.

There in the middle of these two bands third bar a broad line engraved copies; ends resembling scissors on the floor of a beautiful floral forms.

The body of the candlestick is surrounded by a wide in the upper and lower straps decorated with plant motifs prominent; resemble palm fronds.

There in the middle of the menorah engraved copies handwriting on the floor with floral motifs.


Diameter 37 cm

Height 48.5 cm

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