Value Engineering

What is VA/VE?
VAVE: Value Analysis/Value Engineering is a systematic and organized procedural decision-making process. It has been used in almost any kind of application. It helps people creatively generate alternatives to secure essential functions at the greatest worth as opposed to costs. This is referred to as value. It is also known as Value Analysis, Value Management, Value Planning, and a host of other names.
It answers 3 big questions:

  • What must the item do?
  • What does the item cost?
  • What is the item worth?
    VA/VE evaluates your products from a unique perspective allowing for cost reduction, improved quality.

3DML is committed to help in providing Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VA / VE) services for those products we are going to involve in design as well as for those whom would like to enhance the value of key design elements for those current running products. This process improves the overall product value, renewing product features and decreasing the cost. These improvements are what allow us to raise each customer’s end product beyond the norm — building high-quality, high-performance.

Our designs and engineering bring value to the product development process, working at virtually every stage of the design cycle: from concept through detailed design and prototyping to volume production and lifetime support. These engineering services provide great flexibility to our customers on how and where we apply our engineering support to optimize the product for cost and manufacturability.

We are going to evaluate various cost reduction ideas and seek customer approval prior to implementation.

Steps to take when doing a VA/VE project
below is a typical VA/VE methodology framework.





July 2, 2016