ISO Documentation Design the Format

3D Matic Life wishes to achieve ISO 9001 certification for its operation, to which 3DML would endeavor every resource and effort to facilitate the same.

Scope of this project would include the following steps but of establishing a sound Integrated Management System suitable to Operation.

Gap analysis:
•Study the compatibility of the current system of the company with the Requirements of standard.
•Identify activities and kit.
•Identify ancillary activities.
•Determine the inputs and outputs of each activity process.
•How to identify the current implementation of the activities and operations in detail.
•Identify the departments and business units to achieve the results of each process / activity.
•Study and identify the strengths and weaknesses
Training & Awareness
Awareness on Integrated Management System standards will be provided to the
Executive management, department employees and other core groups. These sessions
Would address:
•Need for Integrated Management System
•Requirements specified in ISO 9001:2008
•Roles and responsibilities
•Key processes
Planning and Documentation
Based on the gap assessment output and other available documentation, the Integrated
Management System project and required documentation will be planned and prepared.
The extent of documentation would directly depend on the existing operational controls, management practices, awareness and competency of personnel. The documentation
Will cover the core business procedures and supporting procedures.Not limiting to any in the view
Key processes and functions the company implementing Apartment’s weaknesses.

Implementation Support
Continuous support will be provided to aid in the implementation of standard objectives
And controls identified to be implemented. This support would cover, but not limiting to:
•Conducting awareness programmers
•Guidance & support in establishing operational control documentation
•Identifying gaps in implementation and need for additional work.
•Support in selecting appropriate and suitable software applications if applicable.

Internal Auditors Training &
Management system
Identified core group members or existing internal
Internal auditors training program (up to 10 trainees). This course would address the
Requirements of Integrated Management System internal audit and EAIIE.Training will be conducted on
As a follow-up to the training program, the first internal audit would be conducted
Under the table guidance of our experts.
Certification is an assessment conducted independently to assess the organizations
Preparedness towards certification to ISO 9001
Party certification body will assess your management system and issues a certificate to
Show that the organization abides by the principles set out in the standard. Once the
Formal assessment has been successfully completed, the
Will issue a certificate of registration, clearly outlining the scope of your certification.
Provided to aid in the implementation of standard objectives
identifying Integrated
Auditors would be covered under the
3DML undertakes to commit that no part of information as collected, compiled, construed
Or obtained as part of this project to any third party by any means, either hard copies,
Electronic, magnetic or in any form of medium. All information provided by company
Strictly be used judiciously only for this intended project and would be returned with due
Legitimate care.


July 2, 2016